International journal of Supply and Operations management

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Vol. 8 No. 7-9 (2021)
Published 30 December 2021
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Supply and Operations Management's objective is to be the preeminent publication for operations management research in industry and services. The journal publishes scientific research on the difficulties, interests, and concerns of managers responsible for the design, operation, and supply chain management of products and processes. It covers all aspects of product and process design, operations, and supply chain management and encourages submissions from researchers working in any research paradigm.

The Supply and Operations Management Journal (POMJ) is a global professional organization that represents the interests of POM practitioners worldwide. The Society's objectives are as follows:

to advance and integrate knowledge that contributes to a better understanding and practice of production and operations management (POM); to disseminate information about POM to managers, scientists, educators, students, public and private organizations, national and local governments, and the general public; and to promote the improvement of POM and its teaching in public and private manufacturing.

Our objective
We seek to encourage the global exchange and review of research, ideas, and expertise among scientists.

Our mission is straightforward: to collaborate with researchers and scientific institutions in order to maximize the value of their information in the digital environment and to improve the efficiency of research in our world.

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