About the Journal

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IJOSCM seeks to provide "best in class" service to authors and the community by being timely and fair in the review process, with an emphasis on diversity and generating meaningful research impact. The Journal delivers cutting-edge information and debate of current advancements in the subject to business practitioners, policymakers, consultants, and academics. It fosters information exchange amongst stakeholders worldwide, while also offering a forum for new perspectives on issues and techniques relating to all facets of supply chain management.

IJOSCM publishes novel research papers that are strategically focused, theoretically grounded, empirical and conceptual, quantitative and qualitative, in logistics, physical distribution, purchasing, operations, and supply chain management, as well as linked strategic challenges. IJOSCM does not accept quantitatively oriented mathematical and modeling research articles.

IJOSCM's scope encompasses all facets of supply chain management and includes, but is not limited to, the following areas.
• Social and environmental sustainability
• Business logistics
• Innovations in omni-channel and multi-channel distribution
• Customer service strategy
• Public, government, and international policy
• Supply chain processes implementation
• Information and communication technology
• Order processing and inventory management
• Sourcing and procurement