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International journal of Supply and Operations management

Production and Operations Management's objective is to be the preeminent publication for operations management research in industry and services. The journal publishes scientific research on the difficulties, interests, and concerns of managers responsible for the design, operation, and supply chain management of products and processes. It covers all aspects of product and process design, operations, and supply chain management and encourages submissions from researchers working in any research paradigm.


European Research Journal of Management and Business Economics

The European Research Journal of Management and Business Economics brings the theory from research into the real business scenario. EUMBE takes a look at a broad range of business choices, processes and activities in the true business environment in recognition of the deep linkages across the numerous business sectors. Theoretical and empirical developments are periodically assessed in the fields of buyer behavior, finance, organizational theory and behavior, marketing, finances. Published for executives, researchers and scholars alike, the Journal helps empirical research to implement the reality of business in actual circumstances and theoretical results.

International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

The International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (IJISSCM) publishes cutting-edge research in the fields of supply chain management and the interactions, linkages, applications, and support of supply chain management via information systems. This journal publishes theoretical, analytical, and empirical research, as well as complete reviews of pertinent literature and case studies illustrating practical implementation in this field. Emphasis is placed on the application of novel technologies, processes, and approaches.

The International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (IJSSCM) provides a practical and comprehensive forum for exchanging novel research ideas or down-to-earth practices which bridge the latest information technology and supply chain management. IJISSCM encourages submissions on how various information systems improve supply chain management, as well as how the advancement of supply chain management tools affects the information systems growth. The aim of this journal is to bring together the expertise of people who have worked with supply chain management across the world for people in the field of information systems.

Industrielle Beziehungen. Zeitschrift für Arbeit, Organisation und Management

The Industrielle Beziehungen. Zeitschrift für Arbeit, Organisation und Management
(INBE) has been published by the NCP Publications Ltd., for research paper on science societies. INBE provides a unique platform for theoretical and empirical discussions that distance themselves from the limited focus of discipline. It dedicates itself to comparative research and articles which deal with cases that exceed traditional field and country studies concerns. It is strongly encouraged by the Industrielle Beziehungen. Zeitschrift für Arbeit, Organisation und Management
(INBE) that the transdisciplinary analysis of contemporary and historical social change in Asia offers international scholars a meeting route for anthropological, cultural, economic, geographical, historical, political, pathological and sociological research. INBE also welcomes articles focusing on the humanities, which discuss relevant social issues. INBE publishes research papers, special themes and short symposiums which are internationally peer reviewed.

International Journal of Supply Chain Management

IJOSCM seeks to provide "best in class" service to authors and the community by being timely and fair in the review process, with an emphasis on diversity and generating meaningful research impact. The Journal delivers cutting-edge information and debate of current advancements in the subject to business practitioners, policymakers, consultants, and academics. It fosters information exchange amongst stakeholders worldwide, while also offering a forum for new perspectives on issues and techniques relating to all facets of supply chain management.

IJOSCM publishes novel research papers that are strategically focused, theoretically grounded, empirical and conceptual, quantitative and qualitative, in logistics, physical distribution, purchasing, operations, and supply chain management, as well as linked strategic challenges. IJOSCM does not accept quantitatively oriented mathematical and modeling research articles.

IJOSCM's scope encompasses all facets of supply chain management and includes, but is not limited to, the following areas.
• Social and environmental sustainability
• Business logistics
• Innovations in omni-channel and multi-channel distribution
• Customer service strategy
• Public, government, and international policy
• Supply chain processes implementation
• Information and communication technology
• Order processing and inventory management
• Sourcing and procurement